Suicoke Sandals: Fashion Cult Brand
16 Aug

Suicoke Sandals: Fashion Cult Brand

1. Background Information

A Japanese company founded in 2006, Suicoke started out making small accessories and hand painting Russian Matryoshka dolls. They later decided to switch things up and venture into footwear.

Their shoes were at first exclusively found in Japan but, like all quality products, quickly gained international acclaim. Part of the reason for this was the collaborations they made with others in the industry, international brands that already have a huge following.

Today Suicoke is up there on the list of household brands in the footwear industry. It however maintains relative anonymity with the aim of shinning a light solely on their products.

2. Design

Suicoke sandals are difficult to frame into a specific genre, as they are constantly challenging present-day design and development.

A fresh direction combined with complete freedom for creativity has empowered Suicoke to build a name for themselves as a solid purveyor of performance outdoor sandals. 

Multiple adjustable straps on durable molded outsoles are geometrically designed to form out-of-the-box sandals. Suicoke fuses traditional reliability with the highest quality contemporary materials like neoprene and nylon to produce comfort that will stand the test of time.

3. Collaborations

Suicoke has collaborated with Vibram to design and make an industry-first custom foot bed that is standard for all their sandals.

The sole features an extended sole that facilitates natural movement of the arch of the foot and the heel to eradicate strain and pain when walking.

Their KISEE-V has garnered the most fame for Suicoke, as it has frequently been the choice of numerous brands for collaborations.

Some of these companies include Nepenthes, Slam Jam, Stusy, Mastermind Japan, Sasquatchfabrix and Brain Dead.

4. Products

Suicoke features products for all: men, women, boys and girls. There is a wide variety of ranges to choose from, depending on individual tastes and needs.

Quality is guaranteed with the creators constantly learning from their market to improve on existing designs.

Fashion houses have also taken note of this amazing brand and have started incorporating Suicoke sandals in their collections for the different seasons.

Suicoke has in recent years produced sandals featuring custom colors that match the design colors of seasonal collections from brands like Ball and CLOT.

Celebrities with clothing lines have also approached Suicoke for collaborations on exclusive sandals in premium colors and builds. One such example is Tyler The Creator with his Golf Wang line.

Socks or no socks?

Suicoke has got you covered either way with their custom line of premium socks in different designs and colors.

Suicoke also has slip on sneakers and pull-on boots in their range of products.

The company making the world’s most practical and comfortable sandals may have started out differently, but we are sure glad they found their way.

With the promise of better and more unorthodox products in the horizon, we are keen to see the road this company takes.

One can only hope that their influence will challenge others in the footwear business, to think outside the box to make amazing products that will not only look and feel great to wear, but will keep us up to date in terms of current trends.